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Organic CBD Salve

Organic CBD Salve

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Try our 0.25oz travel size jar on us & leverage the incredible power of our synergistic blend of 9 organic botanicals & 12 essential oils with CBD.

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Possible Uses

Some of our amazing customers provided examples of what they use it for. Disclaimer: Please use caution with sensitive areas.


Pro Tip: Rub on temples, back of ears & neck. With tension headaches rub down shoulders & traps/upper back.


Muscle Aches

Pro Tip: Rub on effected area before and after a shower for a greater effect.



Pro Tip: Rub on common problem area before/after an active day.


Lip Plumping

Pro Tip: Massage on lips after facial cleansing.


Fungal Infections

Pro Tip: Rub on clean effected area multiple times a day.



Pro Tip: Rub on effected area multiple times a day as well as before and after showers.

Don’t just take our word for it

Hear from some of our amazing customers who've allowed us to be a part of their healing journey.
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Within 5 minutes, the pain was greatly reduced & by the time I got ready to go out for dinner, I was feeling AMAZING. I get to enjoy so many things I love that I haven't done in years. I keep jars of salve with me at all times".

Cathy - Chicago, IL
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“ I have used herbals and natural remedies for 50 yrs now. Your product is a superior, synergistic blend .I have been active my entire life and have some deterioration and chronic conditions. The salve benefits to my muscles and neural problems especially in my hands after years as a farrier as well as my regular work. I discover additional benefits every day. ”

Sherry - Tombstone, AZ
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“I walk 17 miles + a day at my job. I use it for chafing & it soothes immediately . I also use it on my feet & have way less aches after a shift. Also, I haven't got a flare up of athletes foot since using the salve.”

Mike - Dallas, TX
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"This is truly an amazing product and I would recommend it to anyone. I have bad symptoms from my menstrual cycle which include migraines and cramps. I put the salve on my temples and stomach and it works wonders! It allows me to get through the day without feeling like I want to crawl in bed! It also smells great, not like my grandparents old school topicals that just smell like menthol."

Maddi - New York, NY
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“My dad was diagnosed with Diabetic Neuropathy. He has tried medication, after medication, every form of Icy Hot and pain patch the drug stores sell, acupuncture, and the list goes on and on . At this point my dad was now using a cane and could not walk or stand for more than 10 minutes. When I stumbled upon Healing Roots CBD Salve. My parents are very “old school”, therefore it took some convincing and educating them on the history of CBD to have my dad agree to try it. Let’s just say, my father caught a big fish on our family's Father’s Day tradition of going fishing and it’s all because Healing Roots took his pain away long enough to enjoy his day with his family. On behalf of my family, and my father, THANK YOU for your amazing company!

Written on behalf of William Keyes - His Daughter


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What are the ingredients & where do you source them from? Salve ingredients; Coconut oil*, Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil*, Bees Wax*, Hemp Derived CBD Isolate, Menthol*, Ginger root*, Dandelion Root*, Calendula Flower*, Arnica Flower*, White Willow Bark*, St. John Wart*, Juniper Berries*, Mullein Leaf*, Chamomile flower*, Vitamin E Oil, Proprietary Blend of 12 Essential oils* *=Organic Sourced from Mountain Rose from Oregon Hemp CBD sourced from Colorado
What can I use it on? Possible uses reported by some of our long time customers. -Sore Joints & Muscles -Arthritis & Neuropathy -Acne -Fungal Infections -Dry Skin -Headaches -Injury Recovery
Does it really help/work? Yes, It is a very useful tool to help relieve symptoms from various ailments. We have a 30 day risk free money back guarantee.
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