Herbs for Organic CBD Salve

Organic CBD Salve Science & Development

When developing the organic cbd salve, we didn’t just want to provide pain relief. It was our goal to help with the healing process while also providing the maximum pain relief that set us apart from other cbd pain balms, creams & ointments. 
We start by taking organic ingredients that are at the highest quality and purity. Then in small batches we infuse the base oils in low heat with the dried botanicals, herbs and powerful essential oils. These ingredients have cohesive healing properties. With some of the properties it reduces inflammation, promotes blood circulation, provides muscle, joint & nerve pain relief. It also provides nutrients & antioxidants to the skin around the affected area. When promoting blood circulation it delivers more oxygen and nutrients to help the bodies natural healing process to the injured area. It also helps flush out any metabolic waste created as a result of the injury. While the body completes the process of healing there are the botanicals that help with pain relief. These beneficial properties are a few of the many benefits that these plants provide.
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